It is difficult to keep track of time when you are engaged in an exciting game of Okey. To win at Okey you need to maintain focus and make accurate predictions. Although luck plays a role, knowledge of Okey strategies can considerably increase your chances of winning.

Basic strategy - Be patient and stay focused

Winning at Okey requires a considerable amount of focus and patience. You need to keenly observe and try to remember the tiles being picked up from the table as well as those being discarded. Along with your own game, you need to keep a close eye on what the other players are up to. If you concentrate only on your board, you will waste time and lose vital information. Unless you focus continuously, you are likely to miss some of the tiles that are going around. These may be the very tiles that you need for your runs or sets. In such a case you can end up unnecessarily changing your sets and runs.

Inattention can also result in inappropriate choice of tiles to be discarded. Unless you have some kind of idea about the strategy adopted by other players, you are likely to give away good tiles and end up helping your opponents. On the other hand, carefully analysis of your opponents’ every move will help you understand what they are up to and enable you to keep them from getting the cards they need. You can just keep the cards with you or make a good hand using them before your opponent.

Remember that 7 pairs win is not always the best strategy

Unless luck is on your side, it is best not to aim for 7 pairs win. While trying to earn some extra points by collecting 7 pairs, you may end up wasting a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the game of Okey is played in multiple rounds. Being short sighted does not help. One victory does not determine the ultimate winner. The only way to ensure a win in Okey is by creating a long term strategy

Adapt to the situation

Being able to adapt to changing elements is vital for winning in Okey. This is most applicable to the scores. You need to consider the results of each and every hand, and adapt your strategy based on it.

For instance, consider that you have lost the last 3 consecutive games. Now you are in critical need of some extra points. In the following hand if you get 2 pairs, you may aim for a 7 pairs win to make up for the losses. If you are successful, you will be just one game behind, even if all 3 hands have been won by a single player. If the hands are won by different players, you can gain a nice lead.

Being able to adapt is an essential part of any Okey strategy. This is important regardless of whether the game is played online or offline. Online games are ideal for practicing and perfecting your strategy. You can start by playing free games. When you feel confident of your skills, you can start participating in small stake games and later proceed to higher stakes.

Take calculated risks

Taking risk is a part and parcel of playing Okey. Unless you take some risks, you can’t win at it. This does not mean taking rash decision. If you stay attentive to each and every action of your opponents, you will be able to take some calculated risks that can help you win. Putting these Okey strategies into practice will surely increase you chances of winning.