Strategy and Tips for Traditional Rummy, Rummy 500, and Turkish Rummy

If you have played a card game before, you would have realized that it is not all about luck. Skill and strategies go a long way in making you a good player. Even though most of the Rummy games have many common facets, there are small differences which mean that you need a different strategy for every variant. Here are some tips and strategies for some of the popular variants of rummy online.

Traditional Rummy

Traditional Rummy is what most players learn in the beginning. The strategies that you use while playing this form of rummy online will be useful in other formats as well.

Focus and concentration: Unlike other card games like poker and blackjack, rummy is played at a faster pace. So, momentum plays a very crucial role in this game. The faster pace of the game makes it difficult to follow the moves made by your opponents. Concentration and focus are two important factors that separate the good players from the great players. All you need to notice is that if your opponent has collected many cards of the same suite or not. This simple observation can tell you how close he/she is to completing the hand.

Discarded cards: Paying attention to discarded cards is very important. This will tell you about the cards that are left in the game and will also tell you about cards that are not required by your opponent. If you look at it from a different perspective, you will also get to know which cards you should not expect from your opponents to complete your hand.

Draw from deck: It is usually a good move to draw your card from the deck instead of the discard pile because you will not tell the opponent which cards you are looking for. However, do not give up on a useful card if it is on the discard pile.

Discard to your advantage: Discarding is also a very important aspect of playing rummy online. It is true that your opponents can learn about the hands you are making by observing the cards that you discard. But, you can also confuse your opponents by discarding the right cards. Let us assume that you have a 7 and 9 of clubs along with an 8 of hearts. When you discard the 8 of hearts, your opponents might think that you do not need an 8. This will increase the chances of someone throwing an 8 of clubs.

Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is different from other rummy games because it is played in rounds. The performance in each round affects the outcome. So it becomes extremely important that you stay focused through every round. A single bad round can end up costing you the game.

When you see that your opponents have a few cards left in their hand, it is better to avoid drawing from the discard pile. You should also use the fact that you can build cards into existing melds to your advantage. Think carefully about how to add the cards because on occasions, the cards might fit into more than one meld. Also, it is usually recommended that you add a card to a set and not a run. By adding a card to a set, you make it useless for other players.

Strategy and tips for Turkish rummy

Turkish rummy is an online rummy game that originated in Turkey. Sometimes it is also called Okey. Players are given cards or tiles and they try to create hands with them. The main aim is to have 7 pairs with same value and color. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if having the 7 pairs looks difficult, you should not waste your time on it. Also, keep a track of cards that are being discarded so that you know which cards not to wait for and what your opponents are planning. This will help you win when playing Turkish rummy online.