Strategies That Will Help You in Gin Rummy

Like with many other card games, playing rummy online requires a certain amount of skill for winning. The rules are not very difficult to understand but the various factors that affect the game make it very interesting. Also, the game is played at a faster pace than other card games like blackjack or poker. This adds an additional element of fun in the game. Good memory plays a very important part as well because you need to remember the cards that have been picked up, and the cards that have been discarded by players.

Do not fall to baiting and speculation

When you are playing gin rummy online, certain things will boost your chances of winning. One of these things is anticipating the baits from your opponents. Your opponent might throw cards to entice you into discarding a card that he or she wants. This is called baiting. You can avoid this only by observing the cards being collected and discarded by your opponent.

Players often spoil good hands by speculating more than necessary. You should stick to the basics and you will find that the game is a lot simpler to deal with.

Stay under the count in the final hand

When the game is about to end, you should try to play the score and try to keep under the count. This will make sure that even if your opponent goes gin, he or she will not win the game. Let us take an example of a situation when you have 7 cards melded and hold three face cards in the form of two jacks and a queen. 

The count that you have to get under might be less than 10, less than 20 or less than 30. If a queen has been played already, you can be quite sure that discarding a queen is a safe step. Also, in case a jack has been played, you can safely discard the jack in your hand. However, these two steps will help you in getting the count under 30. For getting a count less than 20, you will have to discard two cards and pick up smaller cards. Your memory about the cards discarded will help you in figuring out if this is possible or not. You should also consider breaking up your existing melds so that you can make that extra meld and reduce the count.

Observing and discarding

When the game has just started, it is better to discard cards that are only one or two ranks away from the card thrown by your opponent. Also, make sure that the card that you discard has a different suite than the card discarded by your opponent. So, if your opponent throws a 4 of hearts, then a 5 or 6 of clubs or a suit other than hearts would be the safest to discard. You can also discard a card with the same rank.

Some other tips

Mostly, a game of gin rummy online ends by the time half or two-thirds of the deck is used. So make sure that you knock before half the deck is used. It is always advisable to pick a card from the deck instead of the discard pile. This helps you in two ways. One is that your opponent does not get to see the card you pick up. Also, when you pick up from the discard pile, you are taking cards that are not needed by your opponent. But, by using the deck, you might take a card that was required by your opponents and prevent them from winning.

You should wait as long as possible before you eliminate high ranking pairs and sequence of 2 cards. This is because your opponent may discard a card in the later stages that helps you in forming a high ranking meld. Also, by not discarding your high ranking pairs, you will reduce the chances of other players making a high ranking meld.